Unlock your child’s potential with our winning formula

Examberry classes are small (maximum 8 children), supportive and fun! We equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle exams with confidence. At Examberry we include parents in our winning team with clear communication and feedback. The formula works, and our children consistently achieve;  85-90% of children who have followed the Examberry 11+ course gain places at schools of their choice.


     Examberry Courses

  • Year 4: Foundation September - Jul

  • Year 5: 11+ September - July

  • Year 6: Independent Schools Preparation September- December

  • 11+ Intensive Courses during the summer holidays

Mock Exams

  • Mock Exams from May to September

     The winning Examberry team

  • Working with Mensa and Channel 4 on the successful Child Genius programme

  • Creation of entrance exam papers for top London independent schools.

  • Preparation of mock 11+ papers for other tutoring organisations nationwide

  • Publishing original 11+ test papers available from High Street retailers

Term Dates 2018 - 2019

Term 1
Mon 10th Sep 18 – Sun 21st Oct 18 (6 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 22nd Oct – Sun 28th Oct)
NO Classes on Mon 22nd, Tue 23rd, Wed 24th, Thu 25th, Fri 26th, Sat 27th, Sun 28th
Mon 29th Oct 18 – Sun 16th Dec 18 (7 weeks)

Term 2
Mon 7th Jan 19 – Sun 17th Feb 19 (6 weeks)
Half term holiday (Mon 18th Feb – Sun 24th Feb)
NO Classes on Mon 18th, Tue 19th, Wed 20th, Thu 21st, Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th
Mon 25th Feb 19 – Sun 7th Apr 19 (6 weeks)

Term 3
Tue 23rd April – Sun 26th May (5 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 27th May – Sun 2nd Jun)
NO Classes on Mon 27th, Tue 28th, Wed 29th, Thu 30th, Fri 31st, Sat 1st, Sun 2nd

Mon 3rd Jun 19 – Sun 21st Jul 19 (7 weeks)

Term Dates 2019 - 2020

Term 1
Mon 9th Sep 19 – Sun 2oth Oct 19 (6 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 21st Oct – Sun 27th Oct)
NO Classes on Mon 21st, Tue 22nd, Wed 23rd, Thu 24th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th, Sun 27th
Mon 28th Oct 19 – Sun 15th Dec 19 (7 weeks)

Term 2
Mon 6th Jan 20 – Sun 16th Feb 20 (6 weeks)
Half term holiday (Mon 17th Feb – Sun 23rd Feb)
NO Classes on Mon 17th, Tue 18th, Wed 19th, Thu 20th, Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd
Mon 24th Feb 20 – Sun 5th Apr 20 (6 weeks)

Term 3
Mon 20th April 20 – Sun 24th May 20 (5 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 25th May – Sun 31st May)
NO Classes on Mon 25th, Tue 26th, Wed 27th, Thu 28th, Fri 29th, Sat 30th, Sun 31st

Mon 1st Jun 20 – Sun 19th Jul 20 (7 weeks)

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