Examberry Mock Exam days provide a formal setting replicating the real exam day.

We recommend all children register for a minimum of 2 exams to allow for sufficient practice and familiarisation with  an exam sitting. For the majority of children it will be the first time they have sat a formal exam so this can be daunting and many are anxious and nervous. However, by the second exam they are much more comfortable with their surroundings and therefore their exam scores tend to be a more realistic measure of their ability and level.

Please ensure your children bring their own sharpened HB pencils, rubber and pen in a clear transparent pencil case or bag. Also please give your child a water bottle (with their name on) and a small snack.

We ask parents to leave promptly once their children have been registered. This allows us to start on time and helps replicate the real exam days when children may be asked to wait without their parents for extended periods.


Morning Mock Exam

9.15am - 9.25am         Registration
9.30am - 9.40am        Welcome, Exam Tips and Hints
9.40am - 10.30am      1st Exam begins

10.30am - 10.40am    Break
10.45am - 11.35am      2nd Exam begins
11.40am - 11.50am      Break
11.55am - 12.30pm      Exam Corrections and Review

Afternoon Mock Exam

1.45pm - 1.55pm       Registration
2.00pm - 2.10pm     Welcome, Exam Tips and Hints
2.10pm – 3.00pm    1st Exam begins
3.00pm - 3.10pm      Break
3.15pm - 4.05pm      2nd Exam begins
4.05pm - 4.15pm      Break
4.15pm - 5.00 pm     Exam Corrections and Review

Please note that the Maths and English B type exams finish 30 minutes early since the English papers are retained for full marking - please ensure that you have written your address on the envelopes supplied on the day.

Some of the exams are starting later therefore will finish later accordingly.


Test Papers are marked by Examberry markers on the day and the children will be given their scores for each paper. In the final hour we will go though the corrections and review the test papers with them.

The children will walk away with their marked test papers, and an answers sheet. In addition we will be posting answers to the Maths mock papers, with video clips to explain the method, on the website after each set of exams.

The highest, lowest and average scores for each paper will be posted 72 hours after each batch of exams.