I would like to express on behalf of my family, our sincere gratitude to Examberry.

My daughter was offered a place at Langley.

Despite joining late, the tutor not only challenged her but constantly motivated her and kept her spirits positive.

She will forever remember his sweets and kind words.
— AA
Dear Nav and colleagues,

I am very pleased to inform you that my daughter, one of your pupils, has successfully passed the Slough Consortium 11+ exam.

She has been offered a place at Langley Grammar School.

Thank you for your valuable contribution in preparing her for the 11+ plus exam!

With regards and thanks to her tutors.
— KK
I am pleased to let you know that we have accepted our offer from Tiffin School this week!

My son also passed the Entrance Test and interview for Hampton School and received the offer, but we have rejected it.

Many thanks for your support and of course thanks to the tutors.
— SK
I am delighted to let you know that my son has been offered a place at Tiffin, our first choice. I remember the day when he joined Examberry with lots of hopes but little preparation. Your tutoring, encouragement and advice during this time has been enormously helpful in making him secure such high marks and feel confident about himself.

Your tutors are brilliant and I would recommend them very highly to anyone who is thinking of 11+ exams. They give individual attention to each child and bring out the best in them.

I would like to particularly thank Nav for her dedication and constant support to nervous parents throughout this time. I should also add that the Mock exams are extremely valuable asset to the tutoring support, as they prepare the child for the real exam scenario.

So a huge thank you for making our dreams come true. God bless!
— MN
My son passed his first choice of school so thank you Examberry! I will always sing your praise to everyone I know,

He has had a superb experience with you all.
— BG
I am delighted to let you both know that Terry has been offered a music place at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School He also received top tier banding in the academic assessment.

We are very very proud of him, it’s been a long journey, but he put in a great effort, worked his socks off including only a very short summer holiday last year and has got the desired result.

This really would not have been possible without your excellent guidance, constant encouragement, kind words of support and excellent teaching commitment from your tutor who was second to none, along with the other teachers whom Terry had from time to time.The materials provided also were brilliant.

Thank you so much, we really do appreciate it and Examberry has given him that excellent foundation for his future education.
— CG
I am pleased to inform that my child (Felice) has been selected for Tiffin School.

Thank you for your hard work and thanks to all teachers in Examberry.

Kind Regards
— AL
My daughter Elizabeth started with the Examberry foundation course in year 4. I wanted to check her out to see how committed she was to extra study!

It was great, small group learning, and gave her a huge boost. Would highly recommend Examberry if you are thinking of tuition for any of the academic selective schools.
— AC
I am delighted to let you know that my son has been offered a place at Tiffin school. He also passed the 11+ for Sutton Grammar.

He really enjoyed his classes with Examberry and was well prepared. I can’t thank you enough! He is so so happy and he now believes that hard work pays off!!

Thank you again Examberry
— DP
Just to let the Examberry team know my daughter has got an offer at Northwood College, Radnor House and passed the exam for Notting Hill & Ealing School. She has done remarkably well as it seems the competition has been more fierce than ever and the standards have been raised.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support over the past couple of years. My daughter is attending a school that does not follow the English curriculum and all the lessons are done in Greek so I think that this is a fantastic achievement for her.
— DM
We are delighted to let you know that our son has been offered places at all the independent schools he applied for, i.e. Latymer Upper, Hampton, Merchant Taylors, and was also awarded academic scholarships form City of London, John Lyon and St-Benedict’s.

The mock interview with Examberry was also really useful.

He was extremely well prepared. There is no doubt that in our case this was money and time well spent.
— IL
Thank you Nav for your advice and support helping my daughter through the 11 plus process.

She has just sat Tiffins stage 2 exam and will be sitting Henrietta Barnet stage 2 in January. She also achieved well above the cut off for Langley.

She sat your mock exams in summer which highlighted weak areas which we worked on during the summer and she is currently doing your Independent School course which has been excellent.
— BV
I am writing to say that I was over the moon to pass the St.Michael’s entrance exam. Thanks to you all I passed with great marks. I did well in all subjects and got high grades.

I did exceptionally well. The highest mark I got was Non-Verbal Reasoning which was not easy at the beginning but I worked so hard to achieve this which meant that I used those hints that my teachers gave me.Overall, my test was a blast and I appreciate what you did.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Please can you thank my teachers for all their support.

I enjoyed my time at Examberry and I really am looking forward to coming back next time.
— SS
Just to let you know that my son achieved a very high score for Tiffin School, which should mean a definite offer of a place for him in March.

Thanks for all your help, he really enjoyed attending classes at Examberry.

Kind Regards
— PG
I would just like to say a great big thank you to you and your team who helped my daughter through the 11 plus, she passed Bucks, Slough Consortium, Nonsuch and Tiffins first stage, the second stage now on 22nd November.

Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend you.
— HT
A massive thank to you and the team at Examberry for all your help. Maddy loved Emma’s lessons and these, alongside the mock exams, have helped her prepare for the whole 11+ experience. We are delighted with Examberry and are looking forward to coming back with our younger child in 12 months.
— SD
My twin daughter’s Tope & Shade both made into St. Bernard’s Catholic grammar school in Langley. The structure of the tuition programme which entailed constant practice of topics taught was very

Thanks to you all at Examberry for making this dream a reality!.

— SO
My son got his Tiffin 11+ result today, it was a good score and we are very hopeful of getting a place offered in March.

I just want to say thank you to his tutor who guided him through the course in a fun and very caring way.

As a parent, choosing a tutor is a hard decision and one that I didn’t take lightly, but my son always enjoyed his weekly session and left feeling positive and motivated every week.

The mock tests were vital in his preparation and I am sure he wouldn’t have been so calm on the day if he hadn’t had that practise first.

So thank you to all at Examberry, one very proud mum has a very happy boy!
Just wanted to let you know that we found out tonight that Finley has been offered a place at Tiffin.

We are absolutely thrilled. When Finley first expressed a wish to try for Tiffin, knowing how competitive it is, I didn’t believe he really had a chance. But thank goodness I chose the right tutor, and combined with his focus and determination, he passed with confidence.

Please pass on my thanks to the wonderful tutor and the rest of the team. at Examberry.
— KI
Just a quick note to let you know that Mohamed has been offered a place in both The John Lyon School and Latymer Upper School.

Though we knew that he was a bright boy, he still needed the coaching and support from your team to bring out the potential that he had within him.

He enjoyed every session that he attended and had nothing but good things to say about the tutor/s and the way the classes was organised.

A big thank you to you and your team for their efforts in helping to progress Mohamed to his current level.
— MB
Hi, I appreciate your thoughts & guidance. My son scored higher than we thought & that’s due in no small part to Examberry. It’s a great regime & I think your paper’s questions are very good practice. Would definitely recommend you.

Thanks again.
— HM
We are really pleased with Rini’s results.

We are still awaiting Tiffin Girl’s Results but she has qualified in all the other 4 tests she took.

She is in the top 250 for Henrietta Barnet. She scored 255 which I believe is in top 3 percentile at Nonsuch. She scored 126 in Slough Consortium with 140 in VR and 112 in NVR. She also qualified for Wallington Girls - they don’t give out scores

So we are really pleased and thanks for all the inputs your team provided!

— IR
Hi - Great news is that my boy has passed The Slough Consortium 11+ and has a great chance of securing a place at one of the schools.

Thanks for your and the tutors assistance over the last few months (particularly the summer intensive course) - it definitely assisted
him in getting over the line.
— AG
Arun got 133 for the langley exam and 243 for tiffin.

Thank you to you all at examberry and special thank you to the tutor for being an amazing teacher for supporting him in his 11 plus journey.
— AP
Just to let you know we are delighted that Jennifer has a place at Tiffin Girls.

Thank you again: the mocks were invaluable, especially seeing how important the Verbal / Non-Verbal score was in the final scaling of scores.

Huge relief all round and now we can plan for September!
— AT
Thank you to Examberry for all the help you provided Sam. The intensive course and mocks made all the difference and helped him to get comfortably into Tiffin. He loved his tutors, enjoyed the company of the other students and the friendly rivalry spurred him on to do his best.

The advice from Nav to us on Sam’s prospects was also spot on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any parents wanting to find tutorial support for their children and I’m sure we will be back again with our daughter in a few years!
— PJ
Dear Nav, our daughter have made it into Tiffin Girls!!! We’re absolutely thrilled and will be seeing you and your team in Sept when our other daughter will be going through 11+ exam preparation. Many thanks!
— ML
I want to say thanks a lot to the whole team at Examberry for all the help and support you gave us through this crucial courses of English, Maths, Verbal and Non -Verbal Reasoning.

We are delighted to inform you that my son has got a place at St. Benedicts and Tiffin.

Many thanks
— DF
Just to let you know that my son did really well and got into Wilson and Sutton and Hampton boys school. It has been a tough decision between Hampton and Wilson but We have finally decided to send him to Wilson.

Thank you so much for your support. I am sure my younger son will be joining you soon.

Best regards
— PMi
Jack has accepted a place at Herschal Grammar School as that is the nearest grammar school to their hour in Windsor.
— AD
Congratulations and well done Nav and many thanks to your excellent team without which Adonis would not be where he is today, your lessons provided far more than just tutoring, it was a way of life, perhaps you can say a ‘schooling way of life’, the attitude, the presentation, the learning skills, the mind-set, everything.

So I am not surprised at all to see your expertise acknowledged in a National paper!!

Best wishes and warm regards – Michaelle 4 years back possibly, how time flies!!
Please could you let the tutor know that Anna got offered a place at Kingston Grammar School, Surbiton High and St Catherine’s.

Thank you for helping Anna prepare so well for the exams...and making the process as enjoyable as possible!

The 11+ English and Maths lessons run by Examberry were invaluable.
— MG
Just wanted to let you know that Aamir will be going to Merchant Taylor’s school. He also got offers from Latymer Upper, John Lyons and St Benedicts.

In terms of Grammar, he got a place at Slough Grammar.

Many thanks for your help over the last year - I have referred many people to Examberry!
— SA
Just a note to let you know that Leah has offers from Tiffin, Latymer Upper, Godolphin, Notting Hill & Ealing and St Helen’s. St Helen’s has given her a 50% academic scholarship.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Examberry for all your efforts and support.

Many thanks and kind regards.
— ME
I want to say thanks a lot to the whole team at Examberry for all the help and support you gave us through this crucial course of Verbal, Non Verbal, English and Maths.

We were delighted to inform you that my son has got a place at St Benedicts and Tiffin. We are very pleased, so thank you!!
— DF
Thanks Nav: Jake got an offer at Latymer.

— PS
Just to let you know that I got through the Non-Verbal, Verbal and the Maths for St. Pauls School.

Thanks Examberry for your help
— IZ
Henry has really enjoyed and benefited from the Examberry sessions and greatly increased in concentration and confidence.

We may be back in a year or two when my second son is on the 11 plus journey.

Kind regards
— ZC
Although we missed the start of term, the Examberry lessons have certainly been helpful in the exam preparation.
— ES
A huge thank you to you and the tutor. My son Tim really enjoyed coming to Examberry and we’re delighted with his score.
— AJ
A very big thank to you and your team at Examberry.

My daughter has made it through the second stage of the Tiffin exam and she passed the Henrietta Barnett exams too.

We are very pleased and have recommended Examberry to many friends.
— ML
Thank you Examberry for all the hard work you and her teacher have done for my daughter.

She passed Tiffin, Non-Such and the Wallington exams.
— HH
We just recieved the exam results for Tiffin girls. Just thought I would let you know that my daughter scored 237 and has been offered a place at the second stage exams!
— LK
I wanted to let you know that my daughter has got through the first stage of the Tiffin exam. We are so proud of her. Also I wanted to thank you at Examberry for all your patience, hard work and organisation as well as a huge thank you to the tutor for being so inspiring, patient and and amazing teacher.

I will be recommending your classes even more than I have done in the past!

Best wishes
— MR
My son passed both the Tiffin and the Slough Consortium exams with great results. Thanks for all the guidance and support we received from Examberry. The mock exams you did were a really good indication of what the actual exams would be like.

A special thanks to his tutor for coaching him.
— VP
I wanted to say thank you for everything you and your team have done to help enrich both my sons learning ability. They have both benefited hugely from the extra lessons at Examberry.
— VB
Sam has loved the examberry classes and his participation in them took his performance onto a completely different level. We went from feeling he realistically wasn’t going to manage, to feeling that he is as prepared as he can be and that he can actually go into the exam calm and reasonably confident.
— PJ
I found the Examberry mock test is the only one that replicates the Tiffin subject papers. My son said he really enjoyed the tests and the explanations at the end were very useful.
— LM
Thanks for a very well organised mock test today for Jennifer. She got 92% in verbal and 93% in non-verbal which we felt seemed to be a reasonably good result. We found the organisation excellent and overall a very good experience.
— AD
I am just writing to let you know that we were thrilled that Amil passed the Slough consortium exam, Latymer Upper and Tiffin Boys. I am delighted to say we have accepted Tiffin Boys.

Examberry really made a difference and I am sure we would not have had these great offers without your teaching. I must admit that I was worried when Amil first started his 11+ journey and wondered how he would cope with a full day at school followed by two hours tuition. I shouldn’t have worried as Amil has really enjoyed the sessions and always seemed to come out of them on a high!

The mock days were great and gave us a good idea of how he was getting on. Thank you so much - I have two more children that will be using you in a few years time.
— SP
My daughter has got a place at Tiffin!

Many thanks for your contribution.
— GR
My son has been offered a place at Tiffin. Thank you to Examberry for making the difference between getting a place and not. Please could you let the tutor know.

We will definitely be recommending Examberry in the future!
— AJ
Just to let you know that my my son’s passed Tiffin with flying colours!

Thank you Examberry!
— HK
I am delighted to say my son has been offered a place at John Lyon and Latymer Upper School and we have accepted the place at Latymer.

Many thanks to Examberry!!!
— AR
Just to let you know that Ned has been offered a place at Tiffin. As you can imagine we are delighted. It is especially good news because several of his friends who also came to Examberry will also be going to Tiffin - so there will be a little posse of them on the bus together.

The fact that so many of your Examberry students have succeeded in getting into their chosen grammar school is a great credit to you and your colleagues. We are very grateful for your help and support. I am certain that your practice papers made a significant difference to Ned’s performance on the day.
— SC
My son has been offered a place at Tiffin Boys and we are very happy about it as it was his first choice. He has scored 277 out of a possible 280, which I think is fantastic, his standardised scores are 140 in VR and 137 in NVR. Please pass on this message to the tutor, and convey our thanks to him. I would also like to thank Examberry for all your support.
— SN
Harry passed the Slough Grammar School exam !. He also sat 3 private school exams: Latymer, St Benedicts and John Lyon and he was offered all 3. Thank you for all your support and help you gave to Harry. We think the work he did at Examberry really helped him in his logical thinking/reasoning and we will definitely be in contact with you when our daughter starts the 11+ tutoring.
— SH
James passed the Latymer exam!! I have heard they did place quite high importance on the VR/NVR bit of the exam. Obviously we are delighted and over the moon ! Thank you so much for all you did for us, squeezing James in and finding him a place even though it was very late. Please could you send our profuse thanks to the tutor as well. I know James enjoyed Examberry, which makes it all a bit easier!
— BS
The whole Examberry learning experience with focus on exam preparation has worked for Priya. Certainly without the rigorous preparation she would have not had a chance to win. In her Herschel exam she scored 121 overall which is 90% VR/NVR. This placed her in the top 70 out of I would guess 800+. I know she enjoyed the classes and learning with the tutor. Overall her knowledge and confidence has boosted as a result of this process and I think it will place her in a good position for the future.
— RS
Just to say a big thank you Examberry for all your support - Bunmi got a place at St. Bernards in Slough.
— MO
Josh got Tiffin!!!!!!!

Thanks for everything. You’ll hopefully have my daughter in a couple of years.

All the best.
— RT
My son has scored one of the highest possible scores in the Bucks & Slough 11+ exams. I enrolled my son in Examberry a few weeks before the 11+ exams and would like to thank them for providing very high standard materials and also assuring me that my son was on the right track.
— SN
Dear all

My daughter is so happy because she got a offer from Nonsuch High School for Girls. It has only been possible with Examberry who really helped my daughter pass her exam. I am very grateful, thank you. Some of my neighbours have asked if there was a special method.......... so I answered go to Examberry.

I wish you to continue, my son is year 4 now would like to next.

Many thanks
— SJ
Thanks for your email. I am pleased to tell you Junda got the full scholarship to Latymer upper school. We all very happy.
— JS
We are glad to convey to you that Pranav sailed through all the 4 tests he wrote with excellent marks: QE, KEGS, Tiffin and Langley, and he has been offered his first choice, QE Boys. Pranav and we wish to thank you for the great help and encouragement during the tough preparation period. We wish Examberry more success in the future.
— SP
I am delighted to inform you that Cici got a place in Tiffin !!! We are so happy!!! Its been a long and difficult journey and she has worked real hard so she really deserves it and I am extremely proud of her! Many thanks for everything and I will be recommending you to all parents I know.
— LM
Yesterday we received the last of the responses from the schools Aidan had applied to. I wanted to pass on the results which we are over the moon about.

Aidan was accepted into the City of London, Latymer Upper (with a Drama Scholarship), and Emanuel (with an academic and drama scholarship equalling 75% off the full tuition), Holland Park (top band) and the West London free school (music aptitude place).

We were very pleased with the Examberry program and feel it trained Aidan to master the verbal/nonverbal reasoning sections of the entrance exams. Thanks so much for your help, enthusiasm, interest and program. We will absolutely be sending our younger sons there!

Thanks again.
— CB
We were in a rush to get up to speed for the Bucks 11+ having changed our minds about the schools at the last minute but Examberry made all the diference. Tutors helped us establish where we were and how far we had to go. Our son worked hard and used what he was taught and.....passed ! He is over the moon. Thanks Examberry.
— PM
Do give our kindest regards to the Prof for his support with Adonis, and should you be thinking of starting any courses for SATS, GCSE’s etc., do please let us know – we’ll be first up for enrolment.
— MH
Hope all is well with you, we miss your classes so very much and had only wished we had known about you earlier so we could have been there at the start. I suggested to our headmaster, that it might be quite useful for year 6 parents to have a chat with year 5 parents about options available if they are considering applying to independents and of course I would highly recommend your services.
— HH
Many many thanks for your kind support over the year – Examberry was value for money.
— HB
XX sat the exams for Tiffin School (Boys), Slough Consortium, Sutton Consortium and Queen Elizabeth Grammar school for Boys.  I am delighted to share the news that XX successfully passed Stage 1 for all the schools.  For the Sutton Consortium, XX was offered places by Wallington and Greenshaw after Stage 1 and was invited for Stage 2 for Wilson’s and Sutton Grammar school.  XX successfully cleared Stage 2 for both the schools.  For Tiffin, XX has been invited to attend Stage 2 and will be sitting the Stage 2 exam on 03-Nov.  We have submitted the CAF yesterday and now nervously await the results on National Offer Day! We will share the outcome with you next year.

We would like to say a Big Thank You to the entire Examberry team for helping our son through the 11+ course.  Please do also pass on our special Thanks to Ms. Beena at Hounslow for being an excellent tutor and coach and for encouraging and inspiring our son to do well.  We always received detailed and specific feedback from her which helped us understand our son’s strengths and support him in improving on his weak areas. The advice we got from Examberry throughout the year around choosing schools and preparing for the exams was extremely valuable as well. Ending up with 6 Grammar schools on the preference list (with a few left out!) has certainly exceeded all our expectations.  Our son has thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Examberry and we would highly recommend you to other parents.
— Proud Parents
My son got into Tiffin boys! Thank you for all your help and support throughout the 11 plus journey. You made the journey bearable. Regards
— MS
Just to say, Abi passed the Slough 11+ exam comfortably. (one point more than her sister in 2014!!). She is delighted and I would like to say a massive thank you to you and the whole team for your help, support and encouragement for Abi throughout her preparation.

Wishing you every success in the future and, where possible, I will refer any new parents starting the process to you.

With thanks again and best wishes.
— SD
My daughter, V.S. who joined your Kingston centre from April 2015, has got through Tiffin Girls’ School.  We would like to thank her teacher for her support and Examberry for the content of the  tuition and excellent exam practice papers. It definitely armed her with theexam technique needed.  Thank you and Best regards.
— VJ
Just wanted to let you that Avan has been selected for Tiffin School(our first preference).

He had also cleared all the Sutton Consortium Schools and had very high scores at Slough and Kent. Additionally he cleared the two independent schools that he had sat for:Kingston Grammar and Hampton Boys.

Examberry contributed to his success through its very structured approach and that he had ample writing practice and exam practice.

Thanking you for being with us on this arduous journey.
— TJ
AA has been attending at 5:00 Tuesday in Ealing.

I am writing this to let you know that AA is leaving examberry as she was offered place by Sylvia Young Theatre School yesterday.

AA said the study at examberry was very helpful at the Math and English test at Sylvia Young Theatre School.

My daughter enjoyed studying at Examberry. Thank you very much.

— KT (mum)
Dear Examberry Team

I am delighted to inform you that our younger daughter has been offered a place at the Tiffin Girls’ School. She was placed in the top band at the Henrietta Barnet School and would have been assured a place there, had that been our first choice. She also cleared the Slough Consortium exams with a score well over the eligibility criteria for school admissions.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone at Examberry, especially her tutors, for their efforts, guidance, and support. The course-work, supplemented by “real-life” mock exams, was superb. The course-work has evolved, consistent with the ever-changing requirements of the 11+ exams. Teaching in small groups helped maintain the competitive spirit between children, while allowing for individual attention – this suited our daughter perfectly.

Choosing a good tutor is always a challenge. Our older daughter, who was also a student at Examberry a few years ago, is currently studying at the Tiffin Girls’ School. Examberry, therefore, was our natural choice for our younger daughter and I’m glad we made the right decision.

Thanks again.
— SP
Our daughter has got admission into Tiffin School. She was taught by Emily in examberry. I would like to thank all the examberry team and Emily for your support in preparing Toshaly for her 11+ exams. She has also got selected to Nonsuch in sutton.

Once again thanks and have a good day ahead.
— MP
Pleased to announce that our son has received an offer for a place at Tiffin, our first preference, and we have gladly accepted the offer.

He is super excited about starting at Tiffin and looking forward to meeting the teachers and making new friends.

We are already recommending Examberry to friends.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience for his 11+
— JS
Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to all amazing Examberry tutors that helped my daughter over the last year. You’ve made it feel quite easy!

We’re very pleased to say she has got into Godolphin and Latymer which was her first choice. She also got offered scholarships from NHEHS and St Benedict’s :)

One comment she made was that the exams and interviews felt exactly like what she was doing at Examberry, so she didn’t find them stressful or too difficult.

Many thanks once again and best wishes.
— BD
My son Aaron passed Slough Grammar School and one of Sutton Schools test and he got into his 1st preference School ( St. Bernard catholic Grammar School )

Thanks for your help
— JJ
Hope you are doing well. I am very proud to say that our son has got a place in Upton Grammar School.

We are very happy with his performance. He has passed in all the tests he has attempted with very good score.
He scored 126 in slough consortium test, 138 in Burnham test, got through Tiffin and in 4 schools in Sutton.
We as a family thank Examberry and its staff for all the support and encouragement.

He has also given a test in St James Senior Boys Independent School and scored 99% in Maths and 134 score in English and VR.
Because of this score the school is offering 50% academic scholarship.
— DR
Pleased to announce that our son has received an offer of a place at Tiffin, our first preference, and we have gladly accepted the offer. I have attached a screenshot showing our acceptance on the Admissions site.

Om is super excited about starting at Tiffin and looking forward to meeting the teachers and making new friends.

You already have our testimonial and we are already recommending Examberry to friends.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience for his 11+.
— JS
Our daughter did extremely well and received offers from the following independent schools:

St Paul’s Girls
Godolphin Latymer
Notting Hill & Ealing (scholarship)
St Augustine’s (scholarship)

In addition, she has received an offer from Tiffin Girls.

Thank you for your help and I hope for all the best for Examberry.
— MT
My daughter above has been offered all the places she applied for at all the independent schools which are shown below:

1. St Paul’s Girls’ School
2. The Upper Latymer School
3. Latymer & Goldolphin School
4. Notting Hill & Ealing High School

In addition on Thursday afternoon I was notified that she has also been awarded with her first choice of Grammar School being The Henrietta Barnett School (HBS).

We as a family are so lucky and proud of this and in her efforts as well as from her teachers at Examberry Tuition in Ealing.

Our daughter has made her decision today and she has accepted her position to attend The Henrietta Barnett School from September 2018 onwards.

Thank you and everyone at Examberry team for their efforts and support for her and I hope that we can achieve equal success for her younger sister who will be sitting her 11+ exams this September 2018.
— Dr W
Arya passed, QE Boys, Tiffin and Greenshaw. Examberry supported Arya in streamlining the timing and wrapping up his English writing in a cohesive manner.
— AA
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the tutors for the encouragement and positive approach they took to teaching Khush.
He really enjoyed the learning in the sessions and this was reflected in his results.
— SP
Examberry’s course was very beneficial and without it I wouldn’t have passed all of my exams.
— LM
I just wanted to let you know that Chloe has passed her 11+ exam successfully and she she was also offered a place at Sutton High School!

She is so delighted and relieved from all the pressure.

The interview was pretty similar to your mock interview, she felt well prepared and was able to answer all the questions confidently.

Many thanks for all your help and big congratulations to Suzanne for keep her on track and motivated all the way through. Chloe love Suzanne’s teaching!
— VB
Zara attended Ealing Centre, she appeared in Sutton Grammar tests (Nonsuch and Wallington). Her score is 328 which is a pass and above average.

Overall, we found Examberry helpful.
— ZZ
Thank you so much for the support you have given my son so far.

He has enjoyed the classes and we noted every week he would come out of class happy.
— MT